First Day – Bella’s Brownies Go Down a Treat

First Day - Bella's Brownies Go Down a Treat

I was buzzing with how the open day went but now its down to business.  Today was day 1 of this new venture and I was happy with how it went.. Luckily it was a steady day which gave me a chance to find my bearings!  With repetition I’ll get faster at serving top quality products which will help on the busy days to come.

Bella’s Brownies have been the most popular product on the menu.  I got a load of compliments on Sunday’s open day and word of mouth has clearly kicked in as people were coming especially to try my brownies out!  So much so that by the end of the day I sold out of brownies… so my to do list for tomorrow looks like this – ‘BAKE MORE BROWNIES’.  Bella is my much loved grandma and I’m delighted to have her name associated with this adapted recipe!

Looking forward to day 2 and continuing my steep learning curve…


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