Great Night at Acapela watching The Beach Boys Story

Great Night at Acapela watching The Beach Boys Story

Until now we’d only been to Acapela Studio in Pentyrch for the Thursday night pizza’s (and what great pizza’s they are too!) but after just over a year of living in the village  we finally got to watch our first gig!!  Mark and I took my parents Jeanette and Andy as it was my dad’s birthday and The Beach Boys were from their era so it was the perfect present.

Many moons ago (I won’t give away exactly how many for fear of giving my mum’s age away) my mum and dad watched a Beach Boys concert here in Cardiff.  The drummer Dennis Wilson threw his drumsticks into the crowd at the end of their gig with the drumstick flying agonisingly over the top of my mum’s head… if it wasn’t for the fact that my mum is as short as me (5 foot 1)  then she would have caught it and not the lady behind her!  She reminded us of the story at the beginning of our night so it absolutely made her night when she was handed the drumstick by the drummer of The Beach Boys Story at the end of what was a fantastic night at Acapela Studio.. just look at how happy they made my mum.


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